light; be my salvation
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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

i didnt kill you that day.
if that was murder, you should have been dead long ago.
it isnt just that you knew i had him.
you knew a long time ago that i found someone
who's meant for me.

we didnt kill you.
you did.

take my hand ;
5:14 AM

Friday, November 24, 2006

i have many alias.
the original siying is dead.
now theres jelly, noob. dude, dey, NO7, booper, wiggy, and of course the all time SIGGY but siying is dead. its gone. its one mask burned and one face torn off my life.

take my hand ;
8:41 AM

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

youre affecting what i have now.

take my hand ;
7:19 AM

Thursday, November 16, 2006

youre just waiting for me to break with him. the pain that that would bring me. would make you happier.

take my hand ;
9:54 AM

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

a whole hell worth of a 2 yr roller coaster ride. ohyea you bet it wasnt easy to forget the times we had. but i did. sad to say, i cant even remember why i felt happy then. undeniable you brought me joy during that period of time. its ironic. the things that i had wanted from you then, you refused to commit. now that ive moved on and found someone who makes me feel so cherished like never before, you display the signs of affection that i had so badly wanted once from you. but whats the point of sayin i love you now when it was then that i wanted to hear it. the misery you caused me to go through then, the lack of reassurance and security that i was the one you wanted. i could never take that again. when she was gone, you too pined for her heartbreakingly like how you pine for me now. so when you find someone else, would history repeat itself ? if another love crosses your life, do treasure her. you never knew how hurt i was by the way you longed for her even till our 1st yr. dont long for me and lose someone agn. its stupid. dont say you'll wait for me forever, cos nth ever lasts forever. its an illusion youre hankering after. if there was still a chance that we could be together agn, i would have never chosen to be attached to someone else. i could never commit myself to more than one. i never knew how you could want her back and have me at the same time. the fact that i accepted him into my life should tell you that my committment is with him. those miserable times i went through when i saw your joy at her reappearance in your life -- seein her at your blk for tution, seein a teacher who looked like her. then you had admitted that you jumped for joy. did you cease to see the pain i felt ? the feelin that i was a mere stand in until you could get her back ? those times i was stupid enough to bear those indignities. now i dont know why i did. you love me now you say ? i loved you then but its all too late. believe me.

take my hand ;
7:38 AM

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

its been so long, too long.
we were a block.
a unit against the world.
but somethings are
never meant to be
life doesnt give time to regret
only to reflect
its time you moved on
so that i may too
for i was never meant for you

take my hand ;
6:23 AM

light, be my salvation when my path dims
be my shining beacon in this dark stormy sea
give me my courage when i am weak
be my flaming hope when all else fades
hold me up when i sway among the forces
be my star when the moon falls and the sun dies
make me endure till i can take nomore
then blind me, for i am satisfied



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